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Choosing Tires for Your JK

Choosing Tires For Your JK

Hi, I’m Andy today we’re going to talk about wheel and tire packages. Of all your wallet, I get it now every certified man wants it big, besides, you can use this tire size calculator. Okay, let’s start!

40-Inch Tires

If you have a new jeep and visions of 40-inch tires and a 6-inch lift, it will be great and that works great. If you have 40-inch tires on them that will have an impact on your gas mileage and they are now far too expensive to wear on your commute, you’re lucky to have found this article.  Today we Choosing Tires For Your JKwill take a look at different sizes from a 255 on the dainty little JK up to that 40 inch. Now the first two tires in a small tire range are actually standard Jeep wheels and tires that obviously have the ones on this Sahara 255 this is also a 255.

Specific Numbers

  • Let’s take a look at the numbering system of this tire. On one metric tire the first set of numbers in this case the 255 refers to the width of the tire and millimeters. The next set of numbers is a 75. The 75 only tells us how big the tire is. To make it simple, if it’s a 60’s tire it’s going to have a much wider profile and a much shorter sidewall than if it’s a 75-inch tire which is narrower and taller.

  • The next thing on the list of numbers is an R which only refers to the fact that it is a radial and the last two digits are a 17 which for now just tells us the wheel size. If you want to take it off road bike, you should make some tweaks as now it will just be on the verge of rubbing. When I say 33’s, it’s just charging the numbering system, when they say it is a 33 that measures the diameter of the tire, so that the tire measures 33 inches to the top of the tire.

  • The next number is the width of the tread, in this case 21250 refers to the width of the tire in inches, the last number is of course the rim size now this tire size range works really well for someone who uses their Jeep more, maybe to cope with just a little bit of trail running to commute. You can use this tire with maybe a budget boost, and just a small boost will give you a good look, but they still have good roadworthiness.

  • Okay, next in our line of tires is a 35. 35 are one of the most popular tires you put on JKs. You need a raise for this, but you can raise it two and a half three inches and these 35s look really nice, it’ll give you a little better off-road mobility at ground clearance, but it won’t affect your handling that much, they drive and always drive still very good on the road this 35-inch tire is really a good choice. Now if you get to a 37- Inch tire, you’ve stepped up to the next level, once you hit 37s you’ll likely be making a few gear changes – just to get power back. If you start spinning the tire that is so big and you feel a loss of power, it will affect your gas mileage, so it will have an adverse side.

37-Inch Tires

37-Inch TiresIf you drive off the road that 37-inch tires will really afford you 37s will require a three-inch tire, and in some cases, you have made 37s with a 3-inch lift but they are tight, one 4 inches is a much more comfortable fit with a 37-inch tire. If you go down the line, you step on a 38. Tires are pretty wide or a few inches wider on the tread. You’d better have a couple of horsepower behind them. Also, consider the benefits of using silicone spray on tires to maintain their appearance and protect them from harsh elements.

40-Inch Tires

The next in our list is the 40s. The 40-inch tire is just plain hard to beat off-road. The extra height when you get to a ledge allows you to easily step onto that ledge, having at least a six-inch lift and less. They’re making some major body modifications to fit in there, inches narrower than the 38’s, but you’ve still gained a few inches in height, now you can drive Monster Truck. You can go all the way back to your petite level 255, somewhere in this area the tire will be the tire that’s right for you!

Okay, guys, I hope this article was useful to you! Drive safely!

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