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Hey, I’m Andy Shane, and today I want to go shopping for air compressors with you guys. Here’s What You Need to Know When Buying Portable Air Compressors for Jeep to use a compressor. It will occasionally be used in your home garage just to fill the tires of your Jeep, or will you be using pneumatic tools while doing the entire body of your car? This is important because some of these tools can use a lot of air and the more air they use, the bigger the tank, the more horsepower you will need, and ultimately the more input voltage you will need to run that compressor in your garage.

At home you have 120-volt sockets everywhere, that’s not a problem these are the things that power the lightbulbs in your garage, very few have 230 or 240-volt sockets, these are the things that do your laundry it has a laundry room your garage you can unplug it you can plug in a larger compressor you can also have a certified electrician come to your home and rewire the outlets in your garage to add more power again more power bigger compressor better tools that You can now operate it.

Pick the right compressor

Next, you need to consider how much space you have in your garage and how much noise you can make Before you piss off your neighbors, let’s single-stage supercharger, that thing can do more than 90 or 100 decibels and what are ninety or a hundred decibels, that’s a noisy car planning to work late at night you need to make sure you can position that Compressor in your garage where it’s dampened a little while still having plenty of free air.

Pick the right compressorThere are compressors you can buy that have wheels in front of the garage or outside the house, or you are helping your neighbors maybe you want to look at a compressor with wheels that is portable but not as big as one that sits on the floor what it means is that it has an air intake of 60 gallons. It’s perfect for running large-volume tools like a dual-action sander or grinder.

Used for long periods of time which eats up a lot of air which is not portable you have to put it down you have to screw it down make sure it is properly positioned it has the correct input voltage and that thing is a workhorse it will do anything in your garage what you need, so let’s talk about applications for an air compressor.

I believe there are two guys at home right now who will be working on cars all the time and will be using tools like this one is a 6 ” orbital hand sander This is about 15 CFM of air This is a 3 ” cut off tool. This will use 31 CFM of air at a full song, which means you need as much reserve tank and as much compressor power as you can afford.

If you’re the type of home that is probably just fueling up tires or your kids’ pool toys or you have the patience of a monk, you don’t need a lot of compressors, because what happens, in the end, is, if you use this tool, you’ll stand a bit and then stop because the thing won’t run very efficiently, you are going to wait for the compressor to fill the air tank and then you can go on.

Like I said if you are super patient, you don’t need a monster compressor, but if you want to hurry up or work efficiently whilst or you are using tools like this Buy as much tank and compressor as you can afford so you know which tools you will be using and how much air each tool is using. Pick the right compressor. You should add up the CFM requirements of each of these tools. Say you and your buddy are working in the garage at the same time, then add thirty percent to that number that tells you exactly how many compressors you need.

Some tips to use a portable air compressor

Some tips to use a portable air compressorWell, you’ve picked the compressor, it’s home, it’s ready to go. We have brand new air tools, let’s not screw this up by picking the wrong fittings in the wrong hose The tiny hose on your 1/2 ” drive impact gun can’t remove the lug nuts from your truck and why is it this is the longer your hose and the smaller the diameter, the less air pressure you have in the tool, a good example of getting 90 psi out of your air tank.

If you have 90 psi more you know about 75 but choose the larger fitting upgrade to a half-inch hose and you can get your Adjust regulator and get full air pressure to get a tool to work as it is Manufacturing Kit.

Let’s Talk About Applications Let’s say you’re at home and are just going to get some air into your car’s tires. Maybe you’re doing a renovation project. You don’t need a giant air compressor to do that, a 3-gallon air tank PS motor, maybe a pancake-style air compressor, it’s perfect for you if you want to do a little more than the Campbell Haas field make quiet 6 and 8-gallon air compressors that do a ton of work.

When you do really serious about cars like me you need a monster compressor to do this job suppose you work on an orbital sander of an air drill you know wheel nuts all these different jobs maybe you use more than one tool at a time because your friends are beyond there a perfect 60-gallon air tank that is a single-stage engine that delivers over three horsepower. This thing does over 10 CFM at 90 psi and when you crank it up to 135 psi this is its maximum output still makes over 9 CFM airflow this is amazing.

Some tips to use a portable air compressorWhen you buy a compressor there are two specifications you want to focus on CFM stands for Cubic Feet Per Minute, which is a measure of the volume of air. Here’s What You Need to Know.

There is CFM and there is CFM SCFM is based on atmospheric conditions corrected, this number will always be higher than CFM so when comparing apples to apples all the tools you look at when shopping must have an SCFM rating.

For example, if you look at two hand grinders from two different manufacturers, all they can say is it consumes 4 CFM it sounds great right wrong You look at the other tool that says it consumes 30s CFM well if you do the first one, just that 4 CF had to correct an American assumption, it may actually be more than that that had 30 s everything has to be standard.

Okay so check out SCFM, you’ll know exactly what you’re comparing to, go to Jeep Equipment, and look for the Portable Air Compressor for Home Garage.

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