What You Should Always Keep In Your Jeep

When it comes to off-road driving the Jeep is a king of off-road vehicles and with that being said it is only necessary to take all necessary safety precautions so as not to end up in an unfortunate situation. Sure you will need to have a few basic essentials on hand at all times. The best thing to do is to have one of each of these items in your car as a backup for any case. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have no way of calling for help, having a kit in your trunk and easily accessible is the only way to go.

Let’s look at the essentials from this list.

Portable Air Compressor

5 Off-roader's Garage Must-HavesAn air compressor is a very important essential for off-road use of the Jeep especially when one is traveling long distances. It can be an effective solution to many pumping problems that may occur while traveling. In this case, one can simply choose a portable air compressor rather than a small internal one. It will not be very costly, but it will serve its purpose very well. Since the portable ones are very light in weight, they can be easily carried from one place to another.

If one has a long journey planned for Jeep, it becomes even more important to invest in an air compressor that would enable the driver to travel comfortably, despite the rough terrain and rough weather conditions.

An air compressor for Jeep is also a great option for the owners who travel light. So, by investing in an air compressor for Jeep, one can get tremendous benefits by using it.

Hi-Lift Jacks

Hi-Lift JacksAnother important essential for Jeep – Hi-Lift Jacks with their ability to lift and lower the vehicle off the ground by themselves. The Jeep Hi-Lift Jacks system can raise the Jeep by approximately 30 inches and lower it back to the ground by approximately 10 inches. This is one of the many accessories that are required for a Jeep owner. The ability of the hi-lift jack to raise the Jeep off the ground has become very essential as it is impossible to drive in certain situations without the aid of such a device.

There are different brands of floor jacks and bottle jacks for sale and you can compare and choose one according to your specific requirements. They are available with a range of accessories including rails and mounting kits. In order to maximize the benefits of the Jeep Hi-Lift Jacks, it is essential that you purchase one from a reputable and well-known manufacturing company.

Recovery Gear

Kinetic Ropes Another important essential for Jeep – kinetic ropes or recovery straps are used to pull the vehicle out of difficult situations by drawing it to the surface. This recovery gear comes with different designs to suit the needs of the drivers. In addition to the pulling force, the recovery rope also helps in pinching the tires to a minimum so that the driver does not have to deal with puddles of mud inside the Jeep. The rope is basically made up of a chain and rope handle, which is connected to the chain by way of a lever.

The Jeep’s recovery gear is basically required to pull the Jeep to a safe position after the driver has managed to get the vehicle stuck in an area with considerable depth of mud.

Emergency Kit

One of the other things that you should always keep in your Jeep is a first aid kit. If you ever find yourself in a scrape, whether it is a scrape with a car door or a scrape with the branch that keeps falling on your windshield, you will want to have one of these handy in your trunk. In addition, a first aid kit is a good idea to keep in your glove compartment for emergencies.

Final Thoughts

The list of things that you should keep in your Jeep is extensive and are many items that are very handy to have in your Jeep. And, of course, it may be considerably longer. But it will make no sense if there is no the right level of maintenance and if this is not done, then there are chances of major damage to the Jeep. Thus, it is necessary that the owner of the Jeep performs the necessary maintenance activities to ensure that the off-road driving vehicle is always under optimum performance.

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