5 Simple Must-have Upgrades for Your New Jeep Gladiator

5 Simple Must-have Upgrades for Your New Jeep Gladiator

If you’ve been driving in your Gladiator for a while now and crave some new upgrades, I might have just the right picks for you. For off-roading, we all want to get the most out of our Jeeps, and sometimes, that’s not possible with factory gear. But how do you do that? Well, a cold air intake system will help you maximize the engine’s capabilities.

A steering stabilizer will greatly improve handling and ride quality. And with a decent tuner, you’ll be able to “fine-tune” the computer system inside of your Jeep for even better performance. Today, we’ll also talk about the best bed covers to protect your cargo and floor mats to keep the carpet clean. I’ll try to keep it as short and informative as possible!

Steering Stabilizers

TeraFlex 09-02-22-110-000 Stabilizer (JL/JLU Falcon Nexus 2.2), 1 PackFor the Gladiator (or any other Jeep) to be effective on rough terrain, you have to go for larger tires. They, in turn, require a decent-quality lift kit to accommodate those big wheels. You have to also know that after all these aftermarket upgrades, the ride quality dramatically worsens. You don’t feel like you’re in control anymore, and that can lead to unwanted consequences.

The good news is – with the Best Steering Stabilizer for Jeep Gladiator, everything will go back to normal. Flighty steering and bump-steer can also occur when the factory stabilizer gets damaged/starts to leak. Look for a replacement stabilizer that’s affordable, made in the US, and easy to install on your own. And make sure it’s got all the necessary installation hardware!

Tuners for Your Jeep

Superchips 3571-JT Flashcal F5 Programmer; Handheld TunerAlso known as programmers, tuners are Smartphone-like gadgets that optimize your Jeep’s performance. They connect to the computer system and can change (and improve) dozens of settings. Most of them have a 2.8-inch display; the more expensive devices boast 5-inch screens. The Best Tuners for Jeep Gladiator allow the owner to alter the fan, speedometer, axle ratio, and other settings with ease.

Look for a tuner that’s lightweight, has a user-friendly interface, and doesn’t take long to do its thing. The operating speed directly depends on the memory; so, make sure the programmer you seem to like has enough or it. That’s pretty much it. Modern-day tuners are very intuitive and easy to use: all you’ll have to do is choose one of the available features/settings, and the device will do the rest!

 Cold Air Intake

S&B Filters 75-5121 Cold Air Intake For 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL/Gladiator 3.6LThis is one of those “expert-level” upgrades that give you extra horsepower and torque. The cold air intake system significantly increases the airflow (up to 50%) in the engine, making it more efficient. Plus, the cooler you keep the engine, the longer it will serve. This is especially true for extremely hot temperature zones. So, what does the Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep Gladiator look like?

First of all, it should be easy to install and take less than an hour to mount. Secondly, go for an air intake that protects the engine from contamination. The material quality is important as well. For example, premium-level silicone easily handles 400+ degrees Fahrenheit and has increased tear strength. Don’t forget to check the noise levels: sometimes, a cold air intake system can be quite loud and frustrating.

Bed Covers

Why would you even consider purchasing a Jeep Gladiator Bed Cover? Well, the cargo area is always open and “vulnerable”. While driving through the wilderness, it will get contaminated and full of debris. On top of that, there can be some bad folks walking around and stealing stuff from the cargo. With a good bed cover, you’ll kill two birds with one stone. They are reasonably priced, have great coverage, and are easy to install/remove.

Floor Mats

Let’s face it: you don’t always know where you’ll end up on your next trip. And, all the mud/slush/dirt from your feet can turn the Gladiator’s carpet floor into a “war zone”. To avoid that, buy a set of floor mats. The best ones look good, fit the contours of the interior perfectly, and are very easy to clean. A quick note: pick a set of all-weather, non-slip mats that are made of thick rubber/thermoplastic.


There you have it – my list of five must-have upgrades for your Jeep Gladiator. As strong and capable as it might be, this four-wheel monster still needs aftermarket parts to be effective in off-roading. And if you want to learn more about all the third-party equipment that we discussed today, don’t hesitate to check my reviews! I took my time picking the best of the best and vouch for every single stabilizer, tuner, or mat that you’ll find on my lists.

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